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Personal Profile

Dr Ted Dahms
Principal Consultant

Significant Publications

QAO Report No 7 HB254

Corporate Governance and Risk Management Experience

Ted Dahms has a wealth of experience in the design and operation of corporate governance and risk management systems. This experience is underpinned by diverse career achievements across a number of disciplines — management, policy, HR, performance auditing, program evaluation and scientific research.
Ted began his corporate governance and risk management work as a performance auditor with the Queensland Audit Office where he developed audit test plans and conducted reviews across all areas of the public sector. In his current position (since 2003) he continues this role in both the private and public sectors.
The analytical skills and understanding of systems theory gained from his scientific research are applied to synthesize a unique and uncomplicated approach to corporate governance and risk management. The evolution of this conceptual view can be seen in Ted's speeches, papers and his contribution to two significant publications.

— Qualifications: BAgrSc, BSc, MSc (Entomology), DSc (Entomology)
— Member Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RIMA)
— RMIA representative on the Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Joint Technical Committee
     OB/7 – Risk Management Working Group (2004-05).
— RMIA representative on the Standards Australia Technical Committee MB: 004 – Business Governance (current).

Consulting Services:

  • Overall corporate governance and risk management reviews - control assurance
  • Review and development of risk management methodologies for your organisation
  • Ensuring risk management methodologies are aligned with your organisation's governance and assurance practices
  •  Integrating risk management with strategic and operational planning and reporting processes
  •  Facilitating the assembly of knowledge-based risk registers

Why Choose Us?

Plum Concepts & Solutions' cost effective consulting service is designed to provide —

Understanding, knowledge-transfer and self reliance — NOT tick-the-box compliance.

Plum Concepts & Solutions methodology uses a systems theory approach, which emphasises the interactions and connectedness of the different components of a system. The PC&S methodology transfers systems theory knowledge to clients to promote —

  • capability and commitment throughout an organisation; and
  • organisational performance, resilience and competitiveness.

The conceptual views on corporate governance and risk management developed by Ted Dahms allows Plum Concepts & Solutions to offer clients a unique consulting service with the following advantages —

  •  A deep understanding of corporate governance and risk management systems with experience across all sectors.
  •  Cost effective implementation by refining and aligning current business practices.
  •  Reports and verbal communications that promote understanding and future self reliance.



Plum Concepts & Solutions' value-added consulting services provide the following benefits —

Greater self reliance in corporate governance and risk management

More effective strategic and operational planning

Greater confidence in achieving planned objectives

Enhanced organisational resilience with greater competitive advantage

Less time spent in reactive management - putting out bush fires - and more on performance

Greater confidence in decision making

Improved stakeholder confidence

Director, councilor, CEO and senior officer protection

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